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Fermenters of Special Southern Indiana Libations Society
Founded September 30, 1990

FOSSILS is a beer appreciation and homebrewing society whose primary aims are the broadening of minds and palates through monthly gatherings, where members share and sample beer, and to further the art and science of homebrewing.

In the years since its founding, FOSSILS has seen heartwarming growth and progress, both in the club itself and in the Louisville area. Since 1990, the club has gone from seven members to more than 200. In 1990, Rich O's was just beginning, and places like the Bluegrass Brewing Company and the Irish Rover weren't even in existence.

Now, we are in the midst of an ongoing revolution in homebrewing and small-scale commercial brewing, and clubs like FOSSILS are on the cutting edge of this genuine, permanent change. Nowhere is this more evident than in the pages of Walking the Dog, the FOSSILS influential newsletter, which is read widely and has been quoted in Southern Draft Brew News, Southwest Brewing News and Midwest Beer Notes, among others.

FOSSILS extends a hearty welcome to those who are interested in beer and brewing. Have you ever felt a vague emptiness when confronted by the multitude of light, dry, draft, ice-watery, adjunct-choked, lowest-common-denominator beers rolled out by America's aesthetically bankrupt mainstream mega-brewers? Have you dared to ask "why?" Have you felt the urge to try and brew beer yourself, to make it taste the way you like? If so, FOSSILS may be of interest to you.

FOSSILS dues are $1.50 a month for individuals and $2.25 for couples. Members generally feel that their monthly edition of Walking the Dog is worth a couple of bucks itself. Your dues also buy you our fabled burnt weenie sandwiches and diverse fermented libations at club picnics and special gatherings, as well as sampling privileges at our regularly scheduled meetings -- usually the second Sunday of the month. Members have access to the FOSSILS book & resource library, and can have as many empty bottles for bottling homebrew as they can haul away from the Bottle Bank.

Contact Roger, Amy, Jeff, Kate, James or any Rich O's customer who is wearing a FOSSILS t-shirt for further information on FOSSILS, and remember to visit our web site at

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